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mister irene. [userpic]

the end of an era (almost)

November 7th, 2007 (04:58 pm)

so i'm back here again.
in theory i should be studying for a legal exam but in reality i just dont care.
aha im really cool like that.
so ive returned to livejournal to get inspiration. i want to see your photographs and drawings and beautiful words and i want to somehow absorb everything so that it is contained like an amazing secret in my form. i dont think i really know how to write for anyone anymore, there just isnt much i can say.

but basically my highschool life finnishes in about 2 days. its so wierd that i will never have to wear a uniform or do nething like that again.
i want to go to art school.
and draw for the rest  of my life.
im going to pierce my lip
and get poetry tattooed on my back
im going to go out into the night
and somehow transform this awkward girl that highschool made
into someone different
but not mean.

because i feel that everyone has just become mean.

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